Wednesday, August 13, 2014

cutch & sandalwood

natural dyeing with cutch

natural dyeing / sandalwood and cutch

Untold Imprint naturally dyed scarf

untold imprint naturally dye scarf

untold imprint Sandalwood dyed cotton scarf

untold imprint Cutch dyed cotton scarf

I naturally dyed scarves last week with Cutch and Sandalwood. The colors are dreamy – neutral mocha brown and the palest blush pink. Both Cutch and Sandalwood are trees native to Asia. The dye stuff comes from the heartwood of these trees. I'm really enjoying the process of naturally dyeing fabric. It's slow and satisfying. Planning to do a bit more in the Fall months ahead. In the mean time, these cotton gauze scarves are in my SHOP. They're screen printed in antique gold with my 'Meditation' pattern – a repeating seated Buddha – randomly arranged along the length of the scarf.

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