Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas tree

I bought a Christmas tree this week, after several years of not having one. It turned out to be a bigger challenge than I thought. Four NYC corner stands and over an hour of searching and I could not find a tree that was quite right. I just decided to forgo the plan and head home to make lunch when I spotted him. Leaning against a box, all by himself, looking like he may have been headed to the mulch bin. A rescue mission, I'd like to think. When I asked about buying the tree, the guys at the stand looked pretty perplexed, they had a brief exchange in Spanish, of which the only words I understood were "Charlie Brown" and then laughed heartily. And in the spirit of the holidays, I laughed with them.

He is the perfect little tree. Decorated with my vintage jewelry collection, since I don't yet own ornaments, he is also a little bit of a nostalgic reminder of many amazing people and times in my life. This may become a tradition...

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


This past weekend will be remembered as one of the best memories of my years in NYC. Growing up, I spent a lot of time pretending, as most kids do, but I think my joy in the world of make believe lasted a bit longer than average. Even today, I don’t really feel like I’m officially an adult and can still very easily fall down a rabbit hole. The worlds that Jim Henson created were where I spent most of my daydreaming and playing. I wanted so desperately to be Sarah in Labyrinth, it broke my heart that I could never ride a Landstrider with Kira and absolute mayhem ensued when my VHS tapes of the entire Fraggle Rock series went missing (it remains a cold case). 

Part of the reason I moved to NYC was because the Henson offices were here. I thought if I could get as close as I could to the magic they created, it would be a good start. For several years after arriving, I wrote letters, sent my resume, called every phone number and spoke to every person who would listen about getting an internship or job with the company. It never materialized and eventually daily life, finding a paying job and apartment took priority. I’m incredibly happy where I am right now but for a long time I was lost in an uninspired daily life and money became more important than my happiness. For more than a decade, I forgot what really lit me up inside. I’m just starting to rediscover the parts of me that were hidden - what my sister told me last week, is my authentic self.

I went to see Jim Henson’s Fantastic World exhibit at The Museum of the Moving Image on Saturday and then saw a 25th anniversary screening of Labyrinth. Brian Henson was there to talk about the film along with Brian, Wendy & Toby Froud. It was so exciting and moving. What made it even more special was that I was with my two sisters and my four year old niece, who is a big fan and my match for enthusiastically reenacting scenes from the film. I returned on Sunday for an incredible presentation by Brian Henson about the evolution of puppetry where he entertained us with stories about his father and the history of The Jim Henson Company and spoke so humbly about his own role over the years. By the time I arrived home on Sunday night, I was reeling. That sense of wonder which I had every day as a child, is still inside of me; and while I know there may be times that I'll stray, I hope I never again lose sight that anything is possible when I stay connected to my true north.

I recently read a beautiful profile of an Etsy shop owner that I can’t seem to find again. I wish I had bookmarked her page and told her how much the words meant. It said something like, "I’ve always been a creator but for a long time I forgot that I was.”

Sunday, November 20, 2011

waldorf holiday fair

The Waldorf School of Philadelphia Holiday Fair was this weekend and I’m officially in love, not only with the school, but also the parents, children and faculty of this amazing community. I had such a great time and was so lucky to share the Third Grade classroom with three incredibly talented and warm women - Marlis, Susan and Anna.

Marlis crafts one-of-a-kind wooden puzzles. She was using her grandmother’s old pedal jigsaw at the show to make puzzles of children’s handprints, right in front of our eyes. It was fascinating and so entertaining. My niece is now one of the lucky owners of these darling creations. You can custom order special keepsake puzzles by contacting Marlis at

Susan makes the most wonderfully scented and natural soaps. She uses all essential oils and has the excellent philosophy of only creating products that she absolutely loves. I snagged one of her Patchouli bars (my favorite) and also a small French Clay bar, which I can’t wait to lather on my face tonight.

And Anna, a jewelry designer with an incredible gift for making everything feel like it’s been pulled from another era. She incorporates sterling silver, vintage brass findings and semi-precious stones to create each piece. Her craftsmanship is remarkable. The beautiful glass earrings I bought went directly onto my ears. They remind me of something but I can’t quite place it…maybe it was something I owned in a past life.

Thanks to The Waldorf School and my roommates for a fantastic weekend!

Monday, November 7, 2011

my market satchel & the unknown

Yesterday, I needed to sew. From the moment I woke, that’s all I wanted to do. To clear my mind of all the questions that lie ahead of me, all the unknowns and decisions that have to be made. So, I pulled out all my old scraps of leather and misprinted hemp canvas and started to sew with little idea of what I would make. It’s amazing how therapeutic it is to create something without knowing what the outcome will be. I felt so much lighter as I was clearing the cut threads from my table. The added reward for listening to my inner voice - I made a perfect little imperfect satchel for the market I’m doing at the Waldorf School in Philadelphia next week. Somewhere to keep my business cards, phone and receipts right at my hip.  I wonder if ten years from now, I’ll look at this satchel and remember what I was feeling when I made it. No doubt, the unknown that lies ahead of me in life will yield some wonderful rewards too.

Monday, October 31, 2011

cafe aprons

I’ve had a number of people write to me in the past few months and ask about turning my towels into cafe and half aprons. I love when customers spur on a new project. Well, it's been on my very long To Do list and I finally had a chance to sit down at the sewing machine this weekend and make a few. I’ve been wearing one while printing and cooking and I'm now tempted to start wearing them out and about as little half-pinafores over my dresses. You can check them out in my Etsy shop here.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I had the honor of being featured in two of my favorite blogs last week - Design*Sponge and Fibercopia. Being recognized by Grace Bonney and Arcadia Smails, two women who I respect and admire so much, was an absolute dream come true.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the choices I make to embody the good energy around me and cast off the bad, even when that means leaving some things behind. I’ve found that it gets easier with time and practice and I’m welcoming the (sometimes scary) process of gaining confidence in myself and my work.

Along with the uplifting endorsements, I had a little taste of the cynical as well last week when I read a not-so-glowing review of my designs. I sat with it for awhile, let it wash over me and then made the conscious decision to move past it. It will certainly not be the last time I come across someone who doesn’t like what I’m doing and that’s ok. It was an opportunity for me to observe my mind and continue on. Funny enough, after passing that little test of resolve, an email appeared in my Inbox from a lovely graphic design student in New Zealand. She was asking if she could include me in a publication that she’s designing which will showcase people who inspire her. It brought tears to my eyes and you can bet that I embraced the hell out of it.

The print above is a result of my wonderful and empowering week. It’s called Hearten and it’s for all the confidence I gain from my friends, family and now fans. Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes and love you send to me every day. I’m soaking up all your energy and sending it back to you. x

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

autumn rorschach

Just the beginning of the new Autumn textiles are in my Etsy shop today. I named the patterns the first thing that came into my mind when I looked at them and then I found myself looking for the source of the name…

Unearth because this past year has been a truly life-changing time in which I felt like I uncovered myself.  
Spun because the tiny pinwheels reminded me of a spinning spool of thread. The very thing that holds my creations together. 
 Roam because the peaks in the print are leading me to search for something wonderful.
Drift because the graphic brushstrokes that became the pattern feel so strong and at the same time as if they were floating gracefully. Just how I would always wish to feel.

Monday, September 12, 2011

textile jewelry

I like to pack light. In fact, over the years, I’ve been faithful to the same small over-the-shoulder bag for weekend getaways and three week holidays alike. It’s been mostly successful but there are times when I’m longing for another pair of sandals or a favorite scarf that didn't make the cut. In recent months I’ve been on the road a lot and generally packing hurriedly at the last moment. One thing (besides my laptop) that I absolutely never leave home without is a small leather pouch of jewelry. In it are a few key pieces: earrings made by my sister Zoe, my ruby ring from India, my Swiss Army watch and now my new textile necklaces. Textile jewelry is so easy to pack and wear, roll it up and tuck it in the corner of your bag, or better yet, wear it on your travels. I haven’t taken mine off since I finished tying the last knot. 

Find more details in my shop: Untold Imprint

Monday, August 22, 2011

cloudy with a chance of beads

Due to torrential downpours and flooding in Philadelphia, I arrived at my first ever bead show one hour before it closed yesterday. This is not recommended. With no map and the minutes ticking away, I pretty much ran through the expo center. Serendipity intervened when I decided to slow down and stop at the first booth that caught my eye, they didn’t have what I was in search of (Thai, African and Indian antique and handmade beads) but when I asked the gracious shop owner if she had any suggestions, she pointed to a booth directly across from her and said, “he has what you’re looking for.” And he did. I could have spent an entire day happily sifting through his treasures, let alone the countless other booths that I never even made it to but there’s always next year. Keep an eye out for new creations in my Etsy shop using my gorgeous finds.
I heart Bead Fest 2011.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

thank you

  growing in this city of concrete
 pushing through cracks in the pavement
a wash of pink fills my window frame
canopy of green overhead
thank you
thank you
thank you

 I left meditation this week and wandered back to my apartment through Central Park, home to more than 25,000 trees. As I walked I said thank you to the trees. A simple and heart-opening practice instilled in me by my wonderful teacher Raven Keyes.

Monday, August 1, 2011

tejase wrist wraps

New silk wrist wraps are in my Etsy shop today. These simple wraps serve as a reminder to live my most radiant life. Much like tying a piece of string around your finger so you remember to water your plants, this really does work. Looking down at my imperfect hands wound at the wrist with vibrant fuchsia, I’m reminded of the radiance and strength in my imperfection and that makes me happy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

matisse house

Henri Matisse, Pianist and Chess Players, 1924 

 Henri Matisse, The Painter's Family, 1911

The work of Henri Matisse has been a constant joy and reminder to me of the energy created through art. One of the many reasons I'm so drawn to his work is his use of repeating decorative motifs within his paintings. Matisse created pictures within pictures by depicting patterned textiles, wallcoverings and furniture in his interiors.

When I decided to undertake an extreme make-over on my old dollhouse as a gift for my niece, who better to look to for influence than Matisse. Each room of the tiny three floor home draws color and design inspiration from one of his vivid, ornamental paintings. So far, it’s the closest I’ve come to my daydream of sitting on the green chair in My Room at Beau Rivage.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

pioneers of repurposing

My Fourth of July week was spent screen printing flour sack towels. I’m so thrilled to have a new set for my kitchen as well as offer them in my Etsy shop. I've always loved the old-world feel and look of flour sack. I envision myself and my customers using them, not only for their intended purpose, but also creating new end uses for this beautiful fabric. 
Originally woven to contain flour, oats and other dry goods, flour sacks were replaced by disposable packaging in the 1950s and this had a huge impact on the availability and reuse of the material. Prior to this modernization, during the Great Depression era, women stitched everything from curtains to underwear with the lightweight sacks after the rice or chicken feed had been used. Many producers even started printing the cloth with floral patterns in recognition of this movement in frugal ingenuity. How wonderful to be scooping sugar from a lovely natural vessel one day and buttoning up a dress made from that very flour sack only days later. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

carry me away

Several orders of supplies are being delivered to my door this week. I’m really looking forward to printing from dawn til dusk and experimenting with some new materials during the 4th of July weekend! I worked on a few concepts last week including some totes…I never seem to have enough for some reason. This latest signature untold imprint bag will be sold on my Etsy shop starting today and will also be included as a summer gift with a purchase of fifty dollars or more. Visit my Etsy shop here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

mushroom beige

detail of Symphony in Flesh color and Pink: Portrait of Mrs. Frances Leyland by James McNeil Whistler

When I was 11 years old, my parents painted the living room of our old house Mushroom Beige. I still remember it today. The color of the walls changed with the daylight and the mood of the house. Some days it looked like lavender and others it was yellowy taupe with a hint of pink. In the evening it was soft grey and on warm summer nights it had a seafoam green cast. I wondered then and still do now, how one color could be so many colors and I marvel at the vividness of the memory that it holds. A whole world in a color.