Thursday, March 27, 2014


I thought I'd share one of the songs that I've been listening to quite a bit lately. It seemed to be a sweet match for these photos of Libby. She's a 'Peg O' My Heart' bisque doll, made by the K & H company in Santa Clara, Calif in the 1940s. I found her last week while searching for vintage textiles for my shop and I just can't bear to part with her.

the song is: We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye performed by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra & Mildred Bailey, 1932.


  1. She is really sweet. I could not part with her either. My daughter and I often travel to antique shops and seems to also have a sweet spot for these dolls too. She a like 3 of them and loves the little ones like this. I love her dress and her details on her face.
    Thanks for the song. It was a joy to listen while knitting a lace project I am working on and was stuck , but now I got it!

    1. thank you, Alma! aren't they the most darling dolls? I have a few more too, which are put away but Libby has inspired me to take them out. Glad you enjoyed the song too. I've been exclusively listening to 1930s music the past few weeks and it's so wonderful to work to. x

  2. oh, she's beautiful!
    and that dreamy song!