Monday, October 10, 2011


I had the honor of being featured in two of my favorite blogs last week - Design*Sponge and Fibercopia. Being recognized by Grace Bonney and Arcadia Smails, two women who I respect and admire so much, was an absolute dream come true.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the choices I make to embody the good energy around me and cast off the bad, even when that means leaving some things behind. I’ve found that it gets easier with time and practice and I’m welcoming the (sometimes scary) process of gaining confidence in myself and my work.

Along with the uplifting endorsements, I had a little taste of the cynical as well last week when I read a not-so-glowing review of my designs. I sat with it for awhile, let it wash over me and then made the conscious decision to move past it. It will certainly not be the last time I come across someone who doesn’t like what I’m doing and that’s ok. It was an opportunity for me to observe my mind and continue on. Funny enough, after passing that little test of resolve, an email appeared in my Inbox from a lovely graphic design student in New Zealand. She was asking if she could include me in a publication that she’s designing which will showcase people who inspire her. It brought tears to my eyes and you can bet that I embraced the hell out of it.

The print above is a result of my wonderful and empowering week. It’s called Hearten and it’s for all the confidence I gain from my friends, family and now fans. Thank you to everyone for all the well wishes and love you send to me every day. I’m soaking up all your energy and sending it back to you. x


  1. Your textiles are beautiful Phoebe! There is so much purity in your fabrics, something kind, soft and innocent. I love your work! Don’t give up, I know some days are not so good from time to time, but it’s what makes us people going towards the better. I will be back to your blog. Take care. Maria

  2. Even on those kind of days, there is always something or someone that lifts us up in some way. The love for what we do, however, is the strength and encouragement we need every day. That thought is what encourages me. Your work is calming for me and I will certainly be back. Best wishes.

  3. Hi, I just came here via Poppytalk. I too believe things become more beautiful with age and love earthy materials and designs. I have this one side of my work that I've yet to delve deeper in to (more art-based) with natural dyed fabrics, the finished result of which I want to look as though they were excavated in an archaeological dig.

    Reading your recent post I can relate to what you say about good and bad energy and potentially leaving things behind but also about the not so positive comments that are bound to come our way as a result of entering into the public sphere of blogs and websites, of putting ourselves out there through our work. As makers, not everyone is going to like our work but your approach is probably the same way I'd handle it, sitting with it, letting it wash over you and then releasing it... no need to hang on to negative stuff like that... and it is usually outweighed by the positives anyway!

  4. It's really wonderful that I made a few friends from writing this little post. Thanks so much for all the kind words.